HEIGHT : 74″
RATE OF FIRE : 12 per second
RANGE : Customizable from 75-175 feet
POWERED BY : 20lb Non Siphoned CO2 tank(*not included)
WARRANTY: Limited Lifetime

Your price –  $4000




Make no mistake this is the original T-Shirt Gatling Gun, the one that started it all. By using ground breaking technology capable of firing up to 12 t-shirts per second it is sure to be a hit with a wide range of audiences from the loudest of concert crowds to the craziest sports fans around the world. If you are looking to make a huge impact at your next event this is the t-shirt air cannon that you need to have.

     The T-shirt Gatling Gun is powered by a 20 lb non-siphoned CO2 tank (not included) that is readily available virtually everywhere. It uses the same gas used to add carbonation to fountain drinks found in restaurants everywhere. The range of the air cannon can be adjusted to reach distances from as close as 75 feet to a mind blowing 200ft. This makes it fit perfectly in your environment whether it be an indoor arena or the largest of outdoor stadiums.

     When purchasing a T-Shirt Gatling Gun customers have the option of the addition of a custom printed logo shield. This is great for building brand recognition and sponsors love this option. The custom logo shield is hot-swappable meaning it can be changed in a matter of seconds allowing for multiple sponsor placements within a single event. More opportunities for sponsorship equals more money for your organizations marketing budget.

     If you are interested in hearing more about the T-Shirt Gatling Gun contact one of our sales associates today. We are glad to assist you in the process of choosing the right cannon configuration for your needs to achieve the maximum impact to your fans and sponsors. Not seeing everything you are looking for? We also offer custom shapes and design services as well. We are always happy to help!